Buenos Aires

The life of illegal grafitti and grafitti your allowed to do

Yesterday, which was Thanksgiving, we were in Buenos Aires. It is not only time we have not been in the United states for Thanksgiving.  Last year, we spent Thanksgiving in the Galapagos Islands. Well the point is that on Thanksgiving we went on a grafitti and street art tour and class. We saw a bunch of murals on buildings and walls in neighborhoods.  There were some really neat murals by the artists’ Blu and Ice.   We found out that it is okay to paint grafitti or street murals if you ask the owner for permission to paint on their building or wall.  If you do not ask it is illegal.  After the tour, we went to an art class with Ice, a street artist. The art class was super fun! We all painted mushrooms on a wall in a park.  This was illegal, but Ice said we would not get in trouble because it was a popular spot with street artists.  I was happy with my mushroom.  All the other ones were cool too.  I had a lot of fun learning about grafitti.

Posted by Andie Guy



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