What I learned about the Panama Canal

  1. When you go into the locks it is like a chamber and gates close behind you.  The water in the chamber drains out the sides until your boat drops 32 feet.  This is how much we dropped at Pedro Miguel locks.
  2. Sea level is the same on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
  3. Every boat is required to have a Canal captain.
  4. The Canal operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. An average of 40 Panamex boats go through the Canal a day.
  6. Every boat flies the Panama flag while transiting the Canal.
  7. There are lots of landslides along the Canal.
  8. The lock at Miraflores is a mixture of fresh and salt water.
  9. Boats wait up to six  days before they go into the Canal.
  10. The Canal has a control tower just like at airports.

B y Andie

Andie Canal


3 thoughts on “What I learned about the Panama Canal

  1. Many thanks Andie for letting us know how the locks work. Do all boats have to wait six days to go through the locks? We think your looking good with your new sun glasses and all. (`~`)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. Some boats already have an appointment so they can go through right away. If they miss their time they lose their money and go to the back of the line. We can see lots of boats waiting outside the Canal zone.

  3. Wow, Miss Andie….you are so smart!!! Thanks for sharing all you learned!!! Love you a million times around the moon, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter and a thousand times around the Earth!!! God Bless and Keep You Safe!! Love, Mormor

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