Panama Canal

The other day, my family and I took a day trip on a boat through a section of the Panama Canal. We went through three different locks.   We traveled south bound from Lake Gatun to the Pacific Ocean. All of the locks we went through were fresh water except the last one which was a mix of salt water and fresh water.  As we went through each lock we were lowered by the water that was pulled out by gravity to lake level to be able to continue on. The Canal is huge and it was man made.   While it was being built, 22,000 people died building it because of malaria and yellow fever! Nowadays, the Canal is still running the same way it ran 99 years ago.  They have not changed the locks or its system in 99 years.  On August 15, 2014 the Panama Canal will celebrate its 100th year.  We can all thank President Roosevelt for the completion of the Canal.

by Maren



2 thoughts on “Panama Canal

  1. Many thanks Maren for your very informative post. We found it to be very interesting and we enjoy reading all of your famalies postings. Looking good with your shades and all. Glen & Sharon (`~`)

  2. Bravo, Miss Maren!!!! Loved your post on the Panama Canal!!! And, I loved your thank- you note!!! You have learned so much since visiting Panama!!! Great pic of you and Andie dining at the restaurant at Miraflores Locks!

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