Heading to Panama

As we embark on a new country, it is always interesting to think about our perceptions surrounding a country before we arrive and what we know from our vantage in the United States. For Panama, here is what comes to my mind………

  • A great song by Van Halen with David Lee Roth at the top of his game;
  • The Canal—the U.S. took it over, finished the job, and then gave it back;
  • The best (relief) pitcher of all time hails from here (Mariano Rivera);
  • The U.S. bombed a crazy General named Noriega;
  • Hats (we found out on previous travels that Panama hats are truly from Ecuador).

What do you think about? Now we have the opportunity to explore the Isthmus, as it is known in this part of the world. More to come……

By David


2 thoughts on “Heading to Panama

  1. We look forward to your post. Wishing safe travels with many memorable times encountered which will make great memories that will last a life time. Glen & Sharon

  2. We are learning so much about Central & South American from your travels!! Dad and I love all the pictures of the family as well! We will look forward to additional entries before you head back to the States. God Bless and Keep you Safe!! Dad and Mom

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