Homestay in Cuenca

Last year, I visited Cuenca, Ecuador for two months with my family to study Spanish. This week, I returned to Cuenca again to do a home stay with a local family to study and improve my Spanish. I was really nervous at first to do a home stay in a foreign country. The concept of living with people you don’t know in a country far away from your real home is very nerve racking. At first, I was really nervous to meet and live with this family but as I got to know them and be apart of their daily life it became much easier and less stressful.

My first day I arrived, Elena the house mom, picked me up at the airport and took me to her house where she showed me where I would be living for a while. After I was able to move into the house, I had Spanish class for four hours. My Spanish teacher Santiago, a native Ecuadorian, is a great Spanish teacher. He’s not a boring teacher that just teaches you the whole time. He helps you learn Spanish in many different ways that is lots of fun. I am now on my 4th day of living with my family. I have been speaking lots of Spanish with Santiago and my family here in Cuenca.

Posted by Nielsen Guy

My new room


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