Thinking About Miami — Musings Sitting in the Airport

 The major EE.UU. gateway to Latin America

The Everglades are a national gem

The ropa vieja at La Carreta is muy deliciosa with amarillo rice

The Herald is one of the best newspapers in the country

What year will it become the largest city in the U.S?

90 miles from Cuba…. yet a world away

Salsa dancing should be our national dance

Gloria Estefan was ahead of her time with the Sound Machine

A great song by Adam and the Counting Crows on Hard Candy

A hotbed for Pitbull, Chris Brown and their international love

DWade and LeBron are now truly Kings

How did the Celtics let the Heat win game 6 in Boston?

The best uniforms in the NFL for many decades

I still vividly remember Griese, Kick, Morris, Warfield…..

Do you remember Garo Yapremian as a quarterback?

Kelly, Kosar, Testaverde, Walsh, Erickson, Torretta, Dorsey…what a roll for the Canes

I didn’t think Ozzie Guillen could put his foot that deep in his mouth

The irony of Janet Reno (a former Dade County prosecutor) barging in on Elian Gonzalez

Does Al Gore ever visit Florida?

Will Florida always be in play for President?

Are you watching Marco Rubio for 2016?

It seems like Claude Pepper’s stature is growing

Has anyone seen Don Johnson lately?

I recently learned what a burn notice is! (Nielsen’s favorite TV show)

Does the South Beach diet work for anyone?

Posted by David Guy


One thought on “Thinking About Miami — Musings Sitting in the Airport

  1. Or did the South Beach diet just not work for you? I loved Don Johnson and Miami Vice, the epitome of cool!! Have you shaved off your “weeds” yet?? Hope your family reunion was AWESOME!!

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