Todos Santos 5K

On Saturday I was able to participate in a 5K run in Cuenca supporting the Convento de Todos Santos.  It was difficult to sign up for the run because you had to deposit your money at a certain location and then pick up your packet somewhere else.  First we signed up online and then we were given directions to deposit money in a bank under a certain account number.  After depositing the money we were given an address for the packet pick-up.  After much searching for the packet pick-up we found the school which is located one door down from our apartment.

In Cuenca the runs happen at night because there is less traffic and it is easier to close off the main streets for the run.  I was grouped with 13 to 18 year olds in the “novicia” category.  The finish line for my race was across the street from our apartment.  We watched the set-up all day long.  The start of my race took place 1/2 mile upriver from our apartment.  We arrived 15 minutes before the start of the race, however, I was near the back of the pack.

The course went through the Centro Historic District, up a big hill, through narrow streets and dropped down in my neighborhood through the finish line.  The elevation (8,200 feet in Cuenca) made running a bit difficult and my throat burned the entire time.  I finished near the front of the pack, however, there were cross country teams working together and this made running by myself difficult.

The run was a fun and a cool way to see more of the city at night.

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One thought on “Todos Santos 5K

  1. Nielsen, that running your doing is getting you reading for snow boarding and sking which is what your really looking forward to doing. (`~`)

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