Expanding the Panama Canal

The biggest news throughout Latin America is the expansion of the Panama Canal, which is expected to be completed in 2015. In the United States, we spend little time thinking about the canal; yet its role in commerce is pervasive throughout the Americas. Every Latin American country is positioning itself to benefit from the new and improved canal (or at least not be hurt by it).

The Miami Herald has been running a series on the Canal that highlights this pervasive role and how various countries are responding to and anticipating the new facilities:

“The Panama Canal is undergoing a massive expansion that will transform shipping in the Western Hemisphere — and perhaps the world. Ports from Miami to Colombia are rushing to cash in on the expansion, scheduled for completion in 2015. This series, Panama Canal: Race for Deep Water, looks at the impact of the expansion and efforts to preserve the legacy of those who lived and worked in the Canal Zone.”

You can read more at the Miami Herald.

Posted by David Guy


One thought on “Expanding the Panama Canal

  1. Terrific article!!! I will read more at the Maimi Herald. Tom and I saw the massive expansion going on as we cruised the Panama Canal.

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