My 13th Birthday at Tiestos

Last night, for my 13th birthday we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Cuenca called Tiestos.  It is a very popular restaurant in Cuenca, rated #1 on TripAdvisor.  It is Ecuadorian food with a little modern flair.  The restaurant is really cool.  It is designed with traditional Ecuadorian touches — the waiters wear Panama hats, the dishes are made by a famous Ecuadorian ceramacist Eduardo Vega and the tablecloths are typical of Ecuador.

We had already been there twice before, but it was just so good that we had to return.  We had two different types of steak dishes.  The first one was with a buttery sauce and the second was with a creamy mushroom sauce.  All of the meals at Tiestos are served family style and are made to serve four people.  You can, however, order dishes for two.  We like to order two dishes so we can try different things.  The meat is served on sizzling platters called “Tiestos, ” thus the name for the restaurant.  For drinks my parents had red wine, my sister and I had Fanta and my brother had a passion fruit and strawberry smoothie.  The meat dishes come with several different sides including rice, potatoes, hominy, cucumber salad, and cous cous.  The meal is also served with seven different types of sauces like chimichurri, ahi sauce (all Ecuadorian restaurants serve ahi) and I am not sure about the other five.

When we were done with dinner we were served two different desserts.  One of them we ordered and the other was compliments of the chef with a candle that was impossible to blow out.  They were both really good and pretty.  The chef decorates the plates with raspberry sauce which he makes into flowers.  The chef is really nice and makes the meal lots of fun.  He is an amazing cook and always gives great recommendations.

I hope to go back one more time before we leave Ecuador!

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