Zip Lining on my 13th Birthday


For my 13th birthday I chose to go zip lining at Cuenca Canopy.  The zip lining place is located in a small city south of Cuenca and to get there we took a local bus and then a pickup truck taxi.  It is in a cloud forest so it was a bit cloudy but not too cold.  We were put into a group with three other people and our two guides.  Since it was my birthday I got to go first.  The first line was not too exciting, however, it was a good warm-up.  I liked watching the guide with the long crazy hair go on the line because his hair would go all crazy.

The best zip line was really long and it crossed over a 100 foot canyon.  It was nice because you had time to look at the scenery of the forest.  In fact, because it was so long, we had to be locked onto two lines.  Andie had to go with the guide because they were not sure she would make it all the way across.  The return trip back across the canyon was fun too because you were not allowed to use any breaks.  Andie had problems going the whole way across because she was so light so the guide had to real her in about five feet.

The only part I did not like was walking up the hills with our heavy equipment.  Luckily, it was worth it so I didn’t really mind.  When we were done zip lining we ate at the restaurant there.  We ordered two things of chicken for all of us to share and we each got a drink. Nielsen, Andie and I all had Fanta’s which is pretty much our favorite soda in South America.

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