El Luchador

One of our favorite things to do when travelling is to take the public transportation. We have taken lots of different buses since we travelled to Quito.  We first took the Trole bus out to the Guayasamin Museum in the new part of Quito.  It was a red bus with lots of people, but not too crowded.   The next day we took the yellow Trole bus home and it was crazy.  People kept pushing on the bus where there was no more room.  My mom held me up so I would not get smashed.  My Dad had his arms around Maren and he was holding a rail so she did not get smashed. We went about ten more stops with more and more people getting on the bus.  The doors shut automatically and we were right next to the door.  For a long time a man helped my mom and I every time the doors opened and closed.  He got off the bus and then my mom and I got stuck behind the doors when lots of people got on the bus.  My mom did not like that part, so we got off the bus.

On Wednesday we took a bus to Otavalo, 2 hours north of Quito.  We took a long taxi ride to the bus station (lots of traffic in Quito).  We bought our tickets and drinks and about five minutes later our bus to Otavalo arrived.  The bus was orange and light purple with orange curtains covering every window.  The bus was only half full so we had lots of room for our backpacks in the back of the bus.  The bus conductor then put on a really interesting movie — “El Luchador.”   It was all about fighting in maximum security prisons in Russia.  My mom and dad were not happy I kept watching the movie, but it was hard to stop.  They put on “El Luchador II” as we got closer to Otavalo; I didn’t get to see the end.   As we got closer to Otavalo we picked up more people along the road.  The bus got full and Nielsen was not happy about that part when it was crowded in the bus.  The bus trip took about two hours.

In Otavalo we took the local bus back from a small town called Peguche.  It was nice because I got to see some very pretty indigenous girls.  They wore gold necklaces (about 15) around their necks and long black skirts with white fancy tops.  They have very long hair which is braided down the back.

Everyone has been super nice to me on the bus.

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