La Basilica del Voto Nacional

Latin America is a place that takes religion very seriously and has big beautiful churches. The majority of the churches in Latin America are Catholic. In Quito stands the Bacilica del Voto Nacional, a gothic style church with two imposting towers in the center of town. Not your typical style church in Latin America. I was really interested in visiting the Bacilica because it is a gothic style church. The inside is beautiful stone with stained glass everywhere, big columns and an amazing alter. Afterwards you can climb to the top of the towers where the bells and clocks are housed. You can also walk across a boardwalk between the bottom part of the two towers. My Dad, Maren and I climbed to the top of both towers, it was really scary getting there because of the very steep stairs which are at a 70 degree angle. Once you get up there it provides an amazing view of the city. I spent a long time up there watching and photographing the lightning. The lightning was super close and the thunder was really loud. On our first try to go up to the tower it started hailing the size of marbles. We waited for a while in a small cafe in one of the towers and waited it out. It was really cool opportunity and a great place to take pictures.

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2 thoughts on “La Basilica del Voto Nacional

  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! I love how the red material backdrop behind the picture of Jesus and the Holy Spirit above the Altar popped.

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