On Saturday we took the red tour bus which goes around the new and old parts of Quito. The best part is that it was a double-decker bus. When we first started the tour we had to sit downstairs but after a couple of stops we went to the top. My favorite part on top was standing up holding onto the seat in front of me. When we were on the bottom of the bus we were given water. That was good because it was a three hour tour. When we got to the new part of Quito they put a cover on the top of the bus. On the tour we saw some really neat stuff:

1. El Panecillo — It is a 100 foot statue of the Virgin of Quito. It is on the top of a hill looking out over Quito. We climbed half way up the statue (that is as far as they let you go) and looked out over Quito. It reminded me of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

2. La Compania — This is a really old church with a ton of gold everywhere. There is actually 7 tons of gold in the church. We were not allowed to take any pictures.

3. La Basilica del Voto Nacional — This is a really big gothic church with two towers. It is very plain inside but it has beautiful stained glass windows. You can see the two towers everywhere you walk in old Quito.

4. New Town — There is a large shopping mall, lots of big hotels and tall buildings. It looks like lots of other big cities.

The tour bus was a fun way to see Quito.

Posted by Andie Guy


One thought on “Double-Decker

  1. You three ladies look beautiful riding the double decker bus! Your city tour sounds great…was it a hop-on, hop-off bus tour? Thanks for sharing your sights around Quito, Miss Andie!!!

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