Parque de El Paraiso

Parque de El Paraiso is a large park in Cuenca that has lots of playgrounds, soccer fields, a small lake with boats and a running track.  The Rio Tomembamba flows on one side of the park and the Rio Yanuncay flows on the other side.  At the end of the park the two rivers meet.  There are lots of trees, birds and people in the park.  My favorite parts of the park were:

1. The tall slides

2.  Sit-up stations — I beat my brother and sister in a sit-up competition, I guess I have abs of steel!

3.  The large boulders — we played “King of the Rock”

4.  A jungle gym in the shape of square boxes

5.  Teeter-totters

6.  Long boardwalks next to the rivers (for when it floods)

I hope to go back to the park soon because I did not have time to try out the swings.

Posted by:  Andie Guy


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