Andean Musical Instruments

Last night we attended a presentation on musical instruments of the Andean region of Ecuador. The presentation was given by a teacher at the school named Carlos.  Many teachers at the school play instruments from the Andean region. They even have a little band that sometimes plays during break. The first instruments introduced during the presentation were the wind pipes and we found out they are made out of bamboo, fruit and plastic. There were also string instruments like a small guitar similar to the ukulele. The instruments were passed around so we were able to try and play the instruments. My favorite instrument was the chongo since it is similar to the ukulele and I was able to try it out and play “happy birthday”.

The most interesting instrument was a shaker type of instrument similar to a tamborine that is made out of llama toe nails. Yes, llama toe nails, I am hoping to bring one back!

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