The Airport in Cuenca

Last week in Spanish class I was learning lots of verbs that would help me while traveling. Fredy though it would be great to go to the airport to put my new verbs to good use.  Everything in Cuenca is really close even though it doesn’t seem like it, including the Cuenca airport.  It is a 15 minutes walk from out Spanish school.   The airport is in the middle of a neighborhood and is very small wit  a few flights coming in every day. We ended up going into an old flight yard with old airplanes and portable jetways. We were only about 30 feet away from the runway, yes very close. We ended up seeing about four planes land in thick fog which is really interesting because one second you don’t see anything the next it just pops out of the fog. We also saw a police helicopter land. It was super loud because we were so close. It was a great way to learn and put my new verbs into action.

Posted by Nielsen Guy


9 thoughts on “The Airport in Cuenca

  1. Nielson: Wondering if you guys could follow the Giants winning the NCLS title down there and the World Series with starts Wednesday, Oct 24th?

  2. I certainly hope the World Series is broadcast on DirecTV in Ecuador. I’m paying extra for American sports! –the Landlady

  3. Nielsen – I used to drop your Dad off at the old Stapleton airport in Denver when he was your age and he would spend the whole day looking at the planes,

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