The Sidewalks in Ecuador

If you walk in the Centro Historic in Cenuca you will notice something really weird about the sidewalks.  Some of the sidewalks are wide enough to drive a car or two.  Others can barely fit a single person.  There are even some places with no sidewalks at all and you have to walk on the edge of the street.  When this happens, you need to be careful you do not get hit by a motorcycle as they tend to pass cars and get very close to the edge.  It is just odd because all of a sudden you will be walking on a super wide sidewalk and then it narrows down to a space barely able to fit a single person.

Posted by Maren Guy


2 thoughts on “The Sidewalks in Ecuador

    • Wow, I wonder why there is such a difference in the sizes of their sidewalks? I loved the picture of you at the potter’s wheel!! What wonderful experiences you are enjoying in Cuenca! Love you, Mormor

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