Salsa Dancing

Our Spanish school offers many extra curricular activities, one of them is salsa dancing and it is offered twice  a week. Yesterday, after school, we decided to stay and participate in our second class.  I was once again unsure if I wanted to participate, however, I noticed a  woman in her 20’s  so I though why not go and try. The steps to salsa dancing are quite simple but I cannot explain them in words.  Our teacher Francisco is a very good salsa dancer.  He was also very vocal about telling me what I was doing wrong, it helped a lot.  I danced with many women who were from the States and and many of them are Pac-12 fans.  One women I danced with is an Oregon State fan and another is an Oregon fan. Most people in Ecuador know how to Salsa dance.   When you are first learning how to salsa dance it seems like a very slow dance. Not true, once the music starts it is very fast and it has lots of little complex moves you have to add in. It seems like an easy dance well it really is not. Usually while you are dancing you look up at your partner, well I had to keep staring at my feet to make sure I was doing all the right moves. In two months I could be salsa dancing on Dancing with the Stars!



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