Panama Hat Factory

Yesterday we decided to go to the Panama Hat Factory located in old town Cuenca. Although they are called Panama Hats, they were first made and come from Ecuador. When we first got there we saw many hats and sombreros. There were also mannequins with dresses made out of hats (see picture to the left). Odd looking but kind of neat. They had hundreds of hats on display.  All of the hats are hand made and the way they look is amazing. A lady who worked there gave us a brief overview, in espanol, of how the hats are made.  It is a long process. They use thousands of strands of straw for about one hat. They then form the shape of the hat and lots of other processes to make the hat perfect. I spent a half an hour choosing a hat from the factory. It was really cool because you could just watch them make hats that you could buy right there.


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