Spanish School

Today we went to Spanish school.  My teacher’s name is Patty.  Maren and I are in a class together.  I learned a lot of new words like perro, y, semoforo, verde agua and gato.  Perro is dog, y is and, semoforo is traffic light, verde agua is light green and gato is cat.  We studied for four hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After school, there was a salsa dancing class.  I tried it for a little bit, but then I  felt tired so I went upstairs and watched my mom and Phyllis.  We walked home from school and on our way we stopped at a store.  We bought Oreos and laundry detergent.  For dinner we had bean tacos and cheese.  After dinner we had popcorn and Oreos, they were super good.  Phyllis taught me part of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on my violin.  Tomorrow, I will learn the whole song.

Posted by Andie Guy

Violin lesson with Phyllis


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