Heading to Ecuador

Our family is on our way to Cuenca, Ecuador to study Spanish and to learn about the culture. We will be there till mid-December. This last week we spent time packing and getting everything ready for our adventure to Ecuador. It’s been tiring. Yesterday, we finished and were finally able to get on the road. On Saturday night, we attended my final Cal football game of the season.  It was a great night because Cal beat the UCLA Bruins 43 to 17 and Brendan Bigelow scored a touchdown.

Go Bears!

The game ended around 10:45p.m. and we stayed a little longer to congratulate the players on a great game.   We arrived at our hotel in San Francisco around midnight and went straight to sleep.  Our flight the next morning was at 6:40a.m, which meant we had to be at the airport around 5 am.  My alarm woke me at 4:40am and we were in the car and heading to the airport by 4:55 a.m. With a long day ahead of us we arrived at the airport at 5:10a.m. and checked our bags and made it through security by 5:50a.m. Ms. Weber was waiting at the gate for us reading her Kindle and a little worried since she did not have her phone to call and see if we were on our way.  We did not wait long at the gate for our first of three flights to Cuenca, Ecuador. We boarded our American Airlines plane and took our seats and the plane doors closed behind us within ten minutes.  The plane taxied out to the runway and right before takeoff the captain states there is a problem with the air conditioner in the cockpit (it is 125 degrees).  The plane turns around and heads back to the gate.  About 40 minutes later after, and many announcements, the plane is ready for flight. The plane takes off and we are finally in the air.  Five hours later our plane arrives in cloudy Miami, Florida. We unload off the plane and head for the Admirals Club to charge our phones and computers. We get there and it is completely full. We leave and end up eating at a little cafe.  Our next stop is the re-charging stations for cell phone and computers.  It is difficult to find an open spot, but we manage to find three open outlets at gate D16.  Hopefully we will be fully charged before we take off on our next flight to Quito.  Once we arrive in Quito we will wait about six hours before our 40 minute flight to Cuenca on Aero Galapagos.


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